Emerging Creatives

If you’ve been to a Multi-Track event, you may have seen the dream team that is me (Sophie), Maya and Beth, frantically live-tweeting a panel discussion or standing on the sidelines getting lots of photos for the Gram.

We are Multi-Track’s ‘Emerging Creatives’, giving support and collecting content from behind the scenes.

After a full year of us being part of the Multi-Track mayhem, we want to let you know how much fun we’ve had. Acting as a voice for young people throughout the city, we’ve given our feedback and opinions on what Multi-Track does, with the aim of making sure you all get as much out of our events and content as possible. We are proud of be part of the crew that sets up these events, looks after artists, and gives advice on which industry professionals you might want to hear from.

With so many unforgettable moments, we’ve gone to the trouble of condensing this down to 5 of our top moments with Multi-Track, just for you. Check them out below.

  1. Meeting the Multi-Track team – Exposure to so many inspirational industry professionals that are more than happy to share their advice with you.
  2. Interviewing Trim + Crew – Who wouldn’t be excited to pick apart someone as unique as Trim’s brain?!
  3. Working with artists – Being an artist liaison for people like Mad Professor was unforgettable.
  4. Creative meetings – Contributing ideas and discussing how they could come to life, or in some cases how they wouldn’t come to life!
  5. Contacts – Meeting other people with similar interests to you, and those working on other projects in the city.